Frequently asked questions

How much does a farrier cost?

The way my process works is I make sure I understand what your donkeys needs are, I meet your donkey, earn the donkeys trust, then do the trim. This process can take several sessions or no time at all. It all depends on the donkey and its past.

What all do you have to offer?

I offer trims, donkey diet help, online courses, mentorships, and consultations. I also do webinars and public speaking.

What makes you different than everyone else?

I believe in educating my clients. Most farriers will trim your animal and then leave, giving you no knowledge on how to keep your donkey comfy between trims. There is far more that goes into trimming than just the trim. There is also diet, movement, and trust just to name a few.

How will you help me with my problem?

I help by bringing years of knowledge, patience, and experience to the table. Instead of relying on just the farrier or vet for your animals care, I pass off my knowledge to you. That way if an emergency happens and you are not able to get ahold of me or your vet, you are still equipped with the knowledge to help your animal the best you can in that moment.